Improve With Improv [EN]

Why improvisation ?

To improvise is to do something without having prepared it. Theatrical improvisation is a technique in which the comedian develops his or her repartee with little preparation time and without having a written text beforehand. «Listening,» «non-judgment,» and «a sense of sharing,» are all important values that apply to improvisation as they do to daily life, within any group.

The instructor

Delphine Esperce

An actress by training, Delphine is part of the improvisation troupe «Les ours molaires» (literally “the bear’s molars”). Excellent in the art of improvisation, she is also involved with superior schools to teach the art of oral presentation, and teaches the «elevator pitch» to Bachelors students. In love with languages, she would like to share her knowledge with foreign students learning French by giving them the keys to success when they speak.



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